Classic Elements 6x10 Decor Mould

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Dimensions: 6"x 10"

Food Grade Silicone


"The whispers speculated about how he made his money. Some theories less kind than others. I

expect much of it motivated by nothin more than jealousy, pure and simple. Fact is, nobody

could say a true word ill of him. They sneered "new money", but his good taste was evident; And

nobody turned down an invitation to attend the soirees of Martin L. Weisenheim."


IOD Decor Moulds™ are a result of collaboration between designer and sculptor. We draw inspiration from historic architecture and design and let the influence of modern use render pieces that will be a go-to for creatives in many forms . From furniture designers, to home decor, to sugar arts- there's a reason why IOD Decor Moulds™ are favored across industries.

Now even larger, and made from high quality, food grade silicone, your moulds will bring you joy in your creations for years to come.


  • Food grade silicone ( Hello baker mamas, sugar mavens, cookie crazies and those that wanna be all of the above. Ah hem…. me. These are for you, because now everyone gets to look like a pro!)
  • Great for mixed media
  • Jewelry makers
  • The most beautifully detailed moulds on the market!
  • Use with a bazillions of mediums ( don’t hold me to that, I didn’t actually count, but heck just to start you off: paper clay, cast resin, clay, sugar paste, hot glue, fondant…. ) BE SURE TO USE SEPERATE MOULDS FOR YOUR EDIBLES AND CRAFTS!